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Omega Pilots 

You will be flying with experienced Fleet Commanders, a CEO with 15 years continuous EvE Online experience and a leadership team of over 1 Billion skill points!

We have done it all!

So why high security space?   It is very simple, we hated Null and Low security space, we have flown Titans, Supers (even when there were Motherships), Fax's, Carriers and Dreadnoughts.  It was fun 10 years ago, now the super capital umbrella makes small gangs obsolete.  EvE Online's matra is "Adapt or Die", and we want to fly sub capital fleets, without the worry of a cynosural field and hundreds of enemies arrive instantly.


We want to fly with skill, not just F1 when and against who we are told.   We want you to learn to fly your ship correctly, take on larger fleets, and we will help you become the PvP pilot you always wanted to be.


Do not listen to the trolls that say High Sec is easy EvE, it is not -  It is LEVEL EvE!