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Rules for Applications 

As a new recruit you must agree to follow the rules as set out. 

1.    You must not engage in any action that will bring us in to a bad light

1.1   You must never smack in local - try to avoid all conversations with anyone in local

1.2   You must never speak for the corporation unless you hold a rank of contract manager or higher

1.3   You must never engage in scamming with your corporation characters.

1.4   You must never spam chat channels, discord or any other communication tool

1.5   Never use corp or alliance mail at any time

1.6   No racist, sexist nor homophobic comments - either verbally or typed.

1.7   No real life threats 

2.    You must always abide by the EvE Online EULA

3.    You must always follow corporation or alliance standings

3.1   In High Security space we are NRDS (Not RED do not shoot) - only shoot reds

3.2   In all other Security space we are NBSI (Not BLUE shoot it) - we shoot anyone, unless they are blue

3.3   We maybe asked to gank people in High Security space,  their corporation will be set red.

4.    You may have alts in other corporations or alliances,  we expect you to be loyal to this corporation

4.1   We will not defend any assets not the corp or alliances, unless they have paid a contract.

5.    Never change the setup of Doctrine ships

5.1   If you can not fly a given ship, with a given fitting, do not change the fitting, move down the doctrine

6.    We encourage spies!   Spys bring fights, but this also means we operate in a need to know basis

If you accept these then please press the Discord button up top!

You will need to register your Discord User name