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Skill Plans 

To fly ships in EvE Online your character must have trained up the relevant skills, but many players do not understand what the skills do.


We have developed skill plans, where we can work with you to get you into the best ship possible.


An example is our Core Ship Operation.  This is the first skill plan we need you to follow.   All our doctrine is based upon these core skills 

CPU Management   - Each level gives 5% more CPU for a ship - allows better modules to be fitted

Capacitor Management - Each level gives 5% bonus to Capacitor - Capacitor is life to a spaceship

Capacitor Systems Operation - Each level reduces Capacitor use - so your life lasts longer

Electronics Upgrades - Each level reduces CPU need for modules

Energy Grid Upgrades - Each level reduces the CPU requirement

Power Grid Management - Each level gives 5% more power grid for fitting

Science - Basic understanding of scientific principles

We will assume all pilots have this skill plan completed.   If you do not - it must be your number 1 priority!

We have 30+ skill plans, all of which are open to you,  we will help with skill books to get you up to skill as quickly, and as cheaply as possible!