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We are Mercenaries, we will fight anyone, for money!  So how does it work for our customers, our members and our enemies...


We are new, so we are willing to offer massive discounts to get our name out there.  Normally we will require 50% up of the cost up front. If we fail in the contract then we will return the ISK to the person who paid it to us, contract completed, you pay the final 50%. 


The contract will be agreed before hand and all the expectations will be clear.   

To get an idea of price,  we have put together an online form (please note we DO NOT accept real world money, but can not find a form builder that uses hundreds of millions of ISK).


We aim to split every income from customers contracts with our members.  The corp will have some over heads, but every penny made by the corp will be open to members, as well as what we have spent ISK on.  You are not here to help me pay for my game!  We want to help you pay for your game!