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Alpha Pilots 

You maybe the difference between failure and victory!   We need you, and we are willing to help you learn the game, we will help you progress through our doctrines, explaining on the way.

We will be happy to supply you with basic skill books to help you fly our doctrines, and every doctrine comes with Alpha compliant ships!


We will teach you how to stalk your pray, scout far away solar systems, get that all important tackle!   You are as much a member as the 200 Million skill point veteran!  

EvE Online is a game, but we play serious internet spaceships - we have rules, that you must follow.  We expect you to follow orders, and we hope one day, not too far in the future, it is you setting out the orders!

So, come join us,   have a chat, see what we can do to make your EvE Online experience even better!